Your laundry can be picked up, laundered and delivered back to your home or place of work within Glasgow or surrounding areas. There maybe additional charges depending on mileage

Ironing – Clothing

*Maximum shirt allowance per bundle is 25% all additional shirts will be charged at 40p per shirt.
*Shirt only bundles – £1 per shirt

No. ItemsPrice
10 Items (minimum order)£7.00
20 Items£13.50
30 Items£18.50
40 Items£24.00
50 Items£27.50
60 Items£34.50
70 Items£39.50
80 Items£45.50
90 Items£54.00
100 Items£62.00

*70p per extra item out with the bundles. Long dresses will count as 2 items

Ironing – Bedding

Single Duvet £1.50
Double Duvet£2.00
Kingsize Duvet£2.50

*Any larger items please call (0141) 297 1002 for a quote.

Ironing – Sheets

From £1.50. Call (0141) 297 1002 for a quote.

Service Washes

Clothing & Bedding

Small £9.00
Extra Large£21.00

*additional pillows from £2.50

Dry Cleaning

Call (0141) 297 1002 for a quote.


Call (0141) 297 1002 for a quote.

If you have any queries or looking for a quote, please call us on 0141 297 1002 or use our contact form below and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible.